Is there such a thing as an Australia-type deal?

With Brexit negotiations falling apart, the UK has said it wants an Australia-type deal. The UK govt is trying to reframe the outcome.


The UK govt claims it will get an Australia-type deal with the EU.

The Independent:

In a speech to the EU’s parliament in Strasbourg, Ursula Von der Leyen noted that the bloc only trades with Australia on World Trade Organization (WTO) terms.

She said: “I was surprised to hear the UK prime minister speak about the Australian model. The EU does not have a trade agreement with Australia.


Australia does not have a free trade agreement with the EU, it is the government trying to rename a no-deal Brexit. In this scenario, the UK will have to pay tariffs and have quotas applies to imports and exports to the EU. In effect, the UK would have to trade under WTO terms. This is a no-deal Brexit.

Johnson is now trying to deflect from the UK’s failure in the trade deal negotiations claiming no-deal is a “very good option”.