GB News Advertisers to Boycott

Boycott Gb News Following their advertising on GB News, please contact the following advertisers directly via Twitter to stress you will not support their businesses or products. Please support this campaign and try and boycott GB News advertisers until they reevaluate their campaigns with GB News.

Note: We have now added a color-coding system:

  • All red companies have decided to support this news outlet.
  • All green companies have rejected this news outlet and pulled advertising permanently.
  • All white companies are not fully committed and have only suspended advertising, or have not made a decision yet about their advertising position.
Advertiser Twitter Email Status
AA @TheAA_UK [email protected]
Alpen @AlpenMuesliSA
Amazon @AmazonUK [email protected]
American Express @AmexUK
Beko @BekoUK [email protected]
Benadryl @Bendryl
Boots @BootsUK [email protected] Not Advertising on GB News
Bosch @boschUK Advertising under review [15/6]
Cadbury @CadburyUK [email protected]
Note: This is not the Co-Operative Bank.
@CoopUK [email protected] Boycott
Co-Op happy to support GB News [16/6]
Deliveroo @Deliveroo [email protected]
Google @GoogleUK [email protected]
Grolsch Advertising removed [15/6]
Ikea Advertising under review [15/6]
Kellogg’s @KelloggsUKI [email protected]
Kenco @KencoGroup [email protected]
Kopparberg @KoppabergUK Advertising removed [14/6]
Ladbrokes @Ladbrokes [email protected]
Listerine @Listerine_UK
Liverpool Victoria @LV Advertising under review [15/6]
MoneySupermarket @MoneySupermkt Advertising under review[16/6]
Microsoft @MicrosoftUK [email protected]
National Lottery @TNLUK
Nivea @NiveaUK Advertising halted but under review [15/6]
Octopus Energy @OctopusEnergy [email protected] Advertising under review [15/6]
Open University Advertising under review [15/6]
Ovo Energy @OvoEnergy Advertising under review [15/6]
Pinterest Advertising Suspended
Rana pasta @LaFamigliaRana
Specsavers Advertising now under review [15/6]
Starbucks @StarbucksUK [email protected]
Taylors coffee @Taylors [email protected]
Vodafone @VodafoneUK [email protected] Advertising now under review [15/6]
Warburtons @Warburtons [email protected]
Weetabix @Weetabix [email protected]
Wickes @Wickes [email protected]
Vodafone @VodafoneUK [email protected]

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Thanks to @lloydhardy for compiling the advertiser list.