About us

This site has primarily been set up to help highlight campaigns and also the corruption surrounding the UK govt. This is not a news site but a site for reference on numerous topics.

What we’re focusing on now?

JohnsonoutWith the Conservative party in disarray and Johnson continually lying to the British public and Parliament, our primary focus is to get Johnson removed from office and eventually the Conservative Party.

If you are taking part in the #Johnsonout Twitter campaign, feel free to use our quick #JohnsonOut video clips which can be downloaded here.

Who are we and who funds us?

  • Loadedinc is self-funded with no funds coming from third parties. We are currently a two-person team working on Loadedinc in our free time.
  • At some point in the future, if we ever get the time to keep on top of the mess that is the UK government, we may ask for donations to help keep us going.